Déjà vu


Seven years ago, even though she had absolutely no idea it was happening mini-me was going through a Primary School crisis. The crisis being that although we had applied to six Primary Schools in our local borough, a borough that not only had she grown up in, but I had also grown up in, we had been denied a place at all six schools. Skip forward seven years and we are in exactly the same place, the only difference being that this time she knows it’s happening. 

This time not only do I have to go through it, but she is going through it too and for some reason, although the logical part of me knows it isn’t true, I feel like it’s all my fault!  

I’m sorry for those of you who got second, third, fourth, fifth or even sixth options - not ideal I’m sure, but at least you got something that you actually chose. Once again we got nothing and it’s shit!

I’m not usually one to whinge, whine, complain, my glass is genuinely mostly full,  but if this isn't a reason to be pissed off and justification for a complaint than I don't know what is.

I know that it’s very likely that come September, or even before September, if we’re lucky she’ll get a place and we’ll be buying uniform and clearing the shelves in Paperchase, but right now I don’t wanna hear that it’ll be ok or that it’ll work itself out. Right now I’m angry and unless you’re gonna either let me be angry or come be angry with me I’m not fucking interested!!