The Forgotten Forest - Book Review.

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Yes #representationmatters, it really does. To see yourself reflected in a variety of ways across different mediums confirms that you are seen in your entirety. This plants a seed which will blossom telling you loudly and clearly that you have choices that are not limited to stereotypes.  When @sasandyosh talked about @ohzoebooks plan to create personalised picture books which were inclusive and representative of the society we live in I couldn’t wait to get a copy for my 2 year old nephew.

The book is called The Forgotten Forest.  When the book arrived I was thrilled. Not only is the book beautifully illustrated the story is a delight! 

My nephew has a book with so much personalised information placed so strategically that it genuinely feels like this book was made just for him.  More importantly there is a two year old black boy with a book about him talking to and working with nature in a magical whimsical land where he saves the day through problem solving, kindness and working in harmony with nature, can somebody say #blackboyjoy!


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My nephew loves this story being read to him and loves ‘reading’ the story to his parent’s he proudly points to himself and the beautiful illustrations and colours in the book (somebody call Mensa please). 

“Come on read it, that’s me” (heart swell). He loves my daughter reading the story to him as she has a pivotal role in the book which is a reflection of real life.

@ohzoebooks have a kickstarter campaign to support them in being able to bring this book to a wider market.  They have reached their target but a target is not a limit!  There are 22 days left in their campaign so please do check it out and pledge. This book is  BESPOKE & INCLUSIVE and will certainly be on the Christmas and birthday list for under 5’s in our network.