A Day With... Rachel Osinaike

Today we spend a day with mother of two Rachel Osinaike aka “Grateful Rachel”.  Rachel is a qualified teacher and has been successfully running a tuition centre since 2005.  Rachel’s passion for empowering women developed over the years; she is known to be a source of strength and inspiration  for women facing challenges. Rachel successfully organises events bringing like-minded women together to encourage and support them to live their best lives.  In addition to all of this Rachel has written a book, “Bounce Back: Turning trials into Triumphs” available here.  This book tells a story of victory against painful odds. Grateful Rachel’s story is a true life story of bouncing back and standing firm in the face of adversity. In this book, she shares her powerful testimony and how she was able to overcome her trials and turn them into triumphs.  Here’s how Rachel spends her days...


I set my alarm for… I set my alarm for 5am


I actually get up at… I usually get up at 5:50am


My morning ritual(s) is/ are... My morning rituals: after waking up, I read my daily plan on YouVersion bible Apps and do my prayer afterwards


What do you do next? Next I will change to either go to the gym or for a run. Sunday-run; Monday-rest day; Tuesday-run; Wednesday-gym; Thursday-run; Friday-gym; Saturday- rest day


To wake my kid(s) up I… My boys are grown up so I don’t need to wake them up. My youngest is 13 so he set his alarm for 6 am to get ready for School


For breakfast I have… For breakfast I have either 2 boiled eggS, a bowl of cereal or fruit with yoghurt.


My go to outfit is… I love wearing dresses with tights to suit the weather


I chose my career because… I chose my career as a teacher because I wanted something that would fit into my family life as a mum so I can be available for my children. I now run an Education Centre for Children straight after School and on Saturday.


Describe your typical work day… My typical work day; Tuesday is my busiest. I’m at work from 10am to do my lesson plan for the week, I teach from 4:15pm - 7:15pm. Saturday is quite busy for me as well, I’m at work from 10am-4pm.


For lunch I… For lunch, I will either have a wrap with ham or Salad.

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My biggest career related achievement is… My biggest career related achievement is my teaching qualification


I dread work when… I don’t actually dread work as I look forward to impact children’s lives as a teacher.


If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… If I could exchange my career; funny I can’t think of any other career than a teacher as this is quite rewarding


At the end of the work day I… I am usually grateful that the day is over


The first thing I do when I get home is…  The first thing I do when I get home is chilled in the living room with a cup of peppermint tea


My go to dinner is... I usually take my dinner to work to avoid eating late. My dinner varies, I include lots of vegetables in my dinner.


I unwind with… I unwind with gospel music and drama series online


Before I go to bed I… Before I go to bed, I take time to reflect on the day with heart of gratitude


Thank you Rachel!