A Day With... Le'Nise Brothers

Today we have the pleasure of spending a day with Le'Nise Brothers, Nutritional Therapist and founder of Eat Love Move.  Le'Nise has shared her expertise with us before in a blog post where she shares tips for autumn nutrition.  You can read that blog post here.

Le'Nise had a career spanning over 10 years in adverting when she decided to follow her passion, re-train and become a nutritional therapist leaving behind her 15 year career and setting up Eat Love Move... whilst being a new mother!  Le'Nise has a clinic in West London where she prepares bespoke nutrition packages based on the needs of her clients ensuring that each plan is effective and manageable.  Le'Nise also offers telephone consultations and has a blossoming community over on facebook in her Embrace Your Hormones group where she shares tips and information to support women in gaining a deeper understanding of their hormones and what their bodies are telling them.  Lets see hoe Le'Nise whilst mothering and wifeing! (I am aware that wifeing is not a real word.  I battled with autocorrect about this #canILive?).

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I set my alarm for…. 6am

I actually get up at… 6:15am or when I hear my son shouting ‘Mama, mama, I’m awake’, from his room.

My morning rituals are: I’d like to say I do meditation or something like that, but the real answer is that until my son and husband are out of the door for school drop-off, I’m focused on getting my son washed, fed and dressed for school.

What do you do next? After my husband and son have left and things are calmer (i.e. I’ve stopped rushing around), I’ll have breakfast (usually a big smoothie), a cup of coffee and do some yoga. If it’s Tuesday or Thursday, which are my days in my nutrition clinic and I don’t have time for a long yoga session, I’ll do some breathing exercises in the shower.

To wake my kid up I… I wish I had to wake him! He wakes himself up and shouts ‘Mama, Mama’ until I go and get him from his room. 

For breakfast I have… On weekdays, all I have time for is a big smoothie. This sets me up really nicely for the day, as I pack in a ton of veg and goodness. Weekends are really when I go all out on breakfast.

My go to outfit is… On clinic days, I go for dresses with my Church’s chelsea boots, to keep it professional and a bit edgy. Otherwise, I tend to live in J Brand jeans, striped tops from Cos, & Other Stories and Arket and a pair of New Balance trainers.

I chose my career/ business because… I have a real passion for helping women understand their bodies & menstrual cycle, that they don't have to fight their hormones every month and that they deserve to feel healthy and full of energy.

Describe your typical work day… It’s a cliche but every day is different. The mornings are a bit of a rush as everyone gets themselves ready for work / school. Then I could be doing anything from writing up client nutrition & wellbeing plans, writing social media posts, doing health coaching calls with clients, or seeing clients in clinic. I always make a point of stopping for a proper lunch. Then in the afternoon, I get as much done as I can, usually a bit of food photography or blogging, before I head out to pick my son up from school. Then it’s officially tools down until he heads to bed.

For lunch I… Usually have a big salad from bits that I’ve prepped on the weekend or from leftovers. My current favourite salad combination is wilted greens, puy lentils, cherry tomatoes, sardines, courgette & carrot strips and sesame seeds, all topped with a lovely lemon vinaigrette.

My biggest career related achievement is… Having the guts to leave a thriving career in advertising to follow my passion for women’s health, nutrition and wellbeing.

I dread work when… I haven’t given myself the space to get organised, which makes me overwhelmed.

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If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… because… I wouldn’t! I’ve made a massive career change, qualifying as a nutritionist after 15 years working in advertising and I truly love what I do!

At the end of the work day I… Feel tired but happy that I have the opportunity to do what I love.

The first thing I do when I get home is… Switch on some music and start making dinner. Does anyone else have a child that’s constantly hungry?

My go to dinner is… I don’t really have a go to dinner. I love cooking and coming up with new recipe ideas, so every dinner is different. Lately we’ve been having things like chicken paillard, courgetti bolognaise, meatballs with rice and grilled salmon with lots of veg. I do a lot of meal prepping at the weekend so I don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen on weeknights.

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I unwind with…  A big mug of cinnamon tea, a good book and boxset. I always have a health or business book on the go and my husband and I love watching shows like She’s Gotta Have It, Big Little Lies, Insecure and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Before I go to bed I… I brush my teeth, wash my face and slather on coconut oil - it’s cheap and super effective.


You can keep up with Le'Nise via the links below!

WEB: www.eatlovemove.com

FB: www.facebook.com/eatlovemovenutrition

IG: www.instagram.com/eatlovemove

Thank you Le'Nise xx