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This post is a #tbt for me (Tamu) and a real joy!  I proudly present Carla Campbell aka Coach Carla!  I say it's a #tbt as Carla and I went to college together in the 90's!  Decades pass and then we bump into each other and it is just like old times!  Carla has always been like a ray of sunshine, always looking on the bright side and creating side splitting laughter with her quick wit.  Carla and I were studying media with dreams of working in film or television, however life took a different path.  

Carla currently works as a coach for young people and is developing her own coaching consultancy, helping people tap into their passion and live their dreams.  Carla juggles her career and start up business with being a mum of two and her partner!  Lets hear from the woman herself!

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Please could you tell our readers who you are, an overview of your family and what your job is? 

Hi Guys, I’m Carla Campbell, Cush to my mum, Mummy to my Children, Babe to my partner, Cee Cee to many and most recently I’ve reinvented myself…and now present Coach Carla! Lol!  

Mother for two beauty, well managed and loving little girls – Nylah, 11 years old and Nieve (PRONONCED Neve), who is 8 years old.  I also have a partner of 3 years…not yet wifey but I’m working on!! 

I (Tamu) know Carla because we were in the same class at college many moons ago.  Carla we were studying media at the time with dreams of working in film or television.  Did you ever pursue a media career? 

LOL! Humm, I reached an age where I thought I became far too old…17 years old to pursue a career in T.V, as I’d always wanted to be a presenter or actress.  At college I wanted to explore being a camera person, but soon got bored of that idea – so I opted to go into marketing and off to uni I went. 

Having said that I did in fact have a few extra roles – Grange Hill sixteenth series (playing a 6 th former) blink and you would have missed me and I did something for channel 4, that I don’t believe was ever shown.  

I really got into dancing (hiphop), and was blessed to have worked with the Cookie Crew back in 1994 – I was given the opportunity to tour with them in Kenya alongside my best friend…we had the best time! 

What are you doing currently? 

I’m now working as an Intervention & Support Coach within F.E College…I LOVE MY JOB!!! And definitely believe that it was The Law of Attraction as to why I’m doing what I’m doing…Thank you universe!! 

What lead you to a career in coaching?  

To be honest, I’ve been coaching from the age of 7 / 8 years old…I just didn’t know it!  For as long as I’ve known myself I’ve always been that person that everyone comes to for that slice of motivation and reassurance.  It’s not until I was off on maternity leave back in 2006 with my first born I was sat down at home “nesting”, watching the Jeremey Kyle Show (…yes I said it…lol!) when he introduced a life coach onto the show.  This lady spoke into the guests with passion and genuine belief in them, it really resonated with me.  I literally said I want to be a coach, did my research and attended the coaching academy's 2 day free workshop after the birth of my daughter.  Literally I was on cloud 100 and felt super empowered, until the last day when one of the sales ladies told me how much it costs to do their courses!.  I then studied both at Newcastle College and the Open College where I gained my BTEC Levels 2 & 3 in Life Coaching Principles and Practice.  I also continue to develop myself, skills and knowledge whist attending CPD short courses, most recently, I gained a qualification from Young Gamblers Education Trust as an approved trainer – which allows me to coach 16 plus year old students who have had issues with gambling and are now ready to make that change.  I also have a BA hons degree in Marketing, after graduating some 18 years ago. 

Studying for my coaching qualification was hard at times, but I basically had to master the art of managing my time and being disciplined.  So I use to study after putting the girls to bed.  I also found it useful knowing my natural rhythm…to explain further, this explores knowing when your natural energy sources are heightened, which results in you getting the best results out of whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.  I identified that my natural energy source flowed better after midnight, which lead to me being more creative, producing better work as well as being able to focus for longer periods of time. 

In your main job you coach young people aged sixteen and above.  If you could give your sixteen year old self three pieces of advice what would they be and why? 

Hahaha…travel more, see the world, like yourself first, then love yourself, think big, save a little and spend a little, laugh…oh yeah look after your credit because it will look after you in later life…and lastly - make mistakes but also learn from other peoples too! 

You also have an independent coaching company the Coach Carla Consultancy.  What is the difference between your consultancy and your role with young people? 

My 9-5 role is based on dis-engaged learners’ being referred to me in the first instance.  My learners’ are not coming ready to be coached – they may also come with a barrage of issues too.  Therefore we have to work on those issues before any coaching takes place. 

Whereas my clients come ready for change and direction – so in essences we’re starting on the same page.  My learners’ often aren’t even on the same book…so my role is about getting them there, which at times has its challenges. 

What have been the highs and lows of having your own consultancy? 

My consultancy is new and officially launches at my vision board event, taking place on Sunday 25 th March – so not many lows as yet.  However working full-time and stepping into your purpose is a task in itself… which I embrace as I spoke to the universe asking for this to be my plight (The Law of Attraction- Ask, Believe & Receive) - the key is that you must be ready to receive. 

What (if any ) is a common challenge with your clients and how do you assist them to overcome this? 

Clients who are literally are at a crossroads – who know that they want change, but find it hard to visualize change based on limiting beliefs, past experiences and fear of failing. 

This is where Coach Carla aids as a crutch (e.g you have a patient with a broken leg, who is unable to walk by themselves  - therefore they need a crutch until they can walk unaided -...if that makes sense!?) Coach Carla is that crutch.  I love working on visualization and have recently designed a vision-board workshop, called #YourVisionYourLife – I help my clients create their vision-board masterpieces based on The Law of Attraction, intention, purpose and self-praise.  It works, it really does and clients use it as a tool to help keep them focused and on track! 

I can imagine that you are containing people’s anxiety and insecurities in your work.  How do you maintain your emotional wellbeing so that you do not carry other people’s issues? 

Well if you are referring to my day job, then it’s hard as I’m dealing with aged 16 plus students who sometimes become dis-engaged due to a number of issues, and my role therefore is to keep them on track with various inventions coupled with a lot of support.  In order for me to unload and maintain my emotional wellbeing, I do what I do best and that’s talk lol!  But seriously share my workload issues with my colleagues and peers – I also try to get down to the gym, which really does help with my wellbeing. 

In relation to coach my private clients – it’s much easier and I don’t often have to deal with anxious clients in all fairness.  My clients are ready to move forward and unleash the new them – forward thinking, not trying to look back at their past.  On the very few occasions where I’ve had someone who I don’t feel is ready to be coached, I’ve referred them to a counsellor. 

It’s important for me as a coach to know that not everyone is ready for that journey of empowerment, accountability, action and results! 

How do you practice self care?

In 2015 I started a whatsapp group called Motivational Mornings, where I share a motivational quote etc…I have about 20 ladies in the group and we help to enrich, empower and enable one another.  I don’t allow any negativity on the group and my Ladies tell me that reading the morning’s message helps them with their day.  So I would say the group definitely keeps me focused and helps me to practice self care.

As a Mother that is working and running a business what are your daily challenges? How do you manage the needs of your children, keep the business running and stay on top of your day job?

It’s a hard task and as my business is in its infancy stages, I’m encountering  new challenges on a regular basis.  Time is the main challenge and there not being enough hours in the day.  It’s great to have a journal  / diary which I do use but I’m learning the art of having Mummy, Carla, Babe, Cush, Sis, Carls, Miss and Coach Carla time lol! Wish me luck!!! 

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How has your coaching influenced your parenting?

Wow that’s a big question lol! I think it has provided my girls with confidence to speak out and try new things, I talk into my Children with positive speak.  “You are beautiful”, “You are amazing”, “Love yourself know yourself”... etc, I’m very mindful of not only pushing my Children but extending this to my students and kids I meet going about my business.  

What has coaching taught you that you wish you knew 10 years ago?

To believe in yourself and more importantly to listen to what your supporters say about you, those are the people that genuinely want you to succeed.  So my supporters always said that I was confidence, that they loved talking to me as i made them feel good about themselves. I didn’t really see that as a skill.  If I had, I probably would have embarked upon life coaching a long time ago.  Embrace your skills!! 

Quick fire: 

Garage or Jungle? Jungle Good vibes only or Realness? That’s a hard one…Good vibes 

PlanTAIN or PlanTIN? PlanTIN 

Inspiration or Motivation? Inspiration 

Podcast or Audiobook? I like both…ok then Audiobook 

Chilled Beach or Adventure holiday? Beach 

Samsung or iPhone? Samsung 

Meditate or Journal? Journal…all day long! 

Beyonce or Whitney? Where’s Mary J Blige??? Oh Beyonce, if I must! 


Do you have any events coming up?  

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You can keep up with Coach Carla on instagram, facebook or via her website.