A Day With... Somayeh Caesar

Today we turn to spotlight back on to you guys!  We are delighted to share A Day With Somayeh, (co) boss mum in charge at inspirational children's brand I'm More.  I'm More is a lifestyle brand committed to building confident children that have a firm belief in themselves enabling them to live authentically.  I'm More believes in speaking to our children and using language supporting children to develop a personal vocabulary based on a foundation of self love.

We have met Somayeh at our Holland Park meet up last summer and spent a lazy summers day and early evening sharing meaningful conversations and laughter which confirmed that her brand ethos is an extension of her.  Over to you Somayeh!

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I set my alarm for…. 6.40am

I actually get up at… 6.30am my body clock sets itself. I first noticed this in secondary school. I never had an alarm when I was a school but I would wake up at the same time every single day!!!

My morning rituals are… I wake up take a few deep breaths and give thanks for waking. I try my best to get 8 hours sleep (I have a reminder to go to bed) my body doesn’t function so well on less than that. I can feel it when I’ve had less, so some mornings I may need to do some stretches to wake me up. I also flip an affirmation card; I have a set on the bedside table. These help develop a positive mindset and instil positive belief.

What do you do next? I will then check my phones notifications, emails, messages and I will use this time to post on Instagram. I’m so aware of the amount time I spend on social media so I try my best stick to intended time slots (stories make this so difficult). The morning slot is an important part of the business. It’s so obvious, but its vital to have an online presence when building an online brand. So I try to respond to all comments and conversations.

To wake my kids up I… Use the 6:40 alarm!! It’s a soft calming alarm. It slowly eases them out of bed and into mine for morning cuddles. We will have a little chat and sometimes read a book. They do their affirmation cards, which they now love and we will talk about it.

My watch then starts beeping at 7am and they know its then time to start getting dressed.

For breakfast I have… Music playing, we are never without music in my house… I will eat smashed avocado on toast. Always! O.k. if there is no Avo which is unlikely.. I’ll have peanut butter and banana with a green tea. J and the kids have porridge or cereal and fruits.   

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My go to outfit is… Ooooo, weather depending. I spend a good few hours of my day outside and I was definitely born to live in the sun, I hate being cold. Whatever I wear it will always be accompanied with trainers, jeans/ trousers and layers… I’m definitely not a fashionista.. I just like fun, comfy clothes that are easy. 

I chose my career because… It chose me. I was born to do it… It comes so natural to me. I’ve always wanted to teach, I have a way with children. I love that feeling when I know I’ve made a positive impact on a tiny mind. It’s the most satisfying job... I’More stemmed from that. I know there are millions of problems in the world. There are also millions of people talking (complaining) about these problems. Then there are people that do. I’m definitely a do-er. I know and have seen what a difference having a positive, optimistic attitude can do to a child. Having a growth mindset encourages children to take on challenges and learn from them. Praising them in the right way for their hard work and efforts cultivates this. If they believe in themselves and believe that they can… Then they will.

Describe your typical work day… I never have two days the same. Ever! So typically I get to work at 8:30am my children attend the school I work in, so there is no need for breakfast club. I drop them into their playgrounds and head into class. I will do any admin work I need to do, set up the class ready for our first lesson. By 9 I will be knee deep in little humans, I usually do intervention/booster groups in the mornings. Lunch time is 12-1:30 and I’m the playleader so I'm in charge of organising games and activities, I tend to do fun drills and activities focused on skills for my school teams (football, netball, basketball) alongside other games and making sure thAT the playgrounds are running smoothly. (This is beginning to sound like a CV)  I have a little break at 1.30-2pm where I eat my salad and check Instagram (obviously). After lunch more teaching…. until 3:25pm.

I run a netball club on Mondays!  

I run (I’More) a positive empowerment club on Tuesdays. I work with children with low self esteem and confidence problems… We play games and do activities to help them build a positive sense of self and to help them to understand that it’s ok to have big emotions and feelings and we work on how to deal with them. We always end with a meditation usually from the book, 'Sitting Still Like a Frog'. They always leave with some resources they can take home to use.

I also coach the school teams (girls) football and netball. So I will organise all games against other schools, take them to matches and referee. This is usually on Thursdays and Fridays 

Most days I’m done by 5pm.

For lunch I…  Have school dinners! Well from the salad bar now I’m vegan. Yes school dinners are exactly how we remember them. The school chef if from the Caribbean and bless him always make a little spicy something for the adults. 

My biggest career related achievement is… Starting I’More. It began as a thought so seeing it grow into something real is amazing.

I dread work when… It’s cold outside. Playground duties and coaching is not so fun when you are freezing.

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… Someone who could travel the world and be paid for it!!  (does this job exist) because… The world is a phenomenal place there is so so much to see and do... I’ve always said if travel was free you wouldn’t see me again. I do wish I could just strap the kids on my back and leave. I want them to feel freedom and see the world. Learn through life experiences and know that restrictions and limitations are nonexistent.

At the end of the work day I… Run to get the kids. They may have gone on playdates if I’m running a club or have a game. Run to the post office or I just run home to feed them.

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The first thing I do when I get home is… Put some music on and make dinner.

My go to dinner is… Whatever is in the fridge. We have been vegetarian for 10 years and this year made the decision to go vegan. So our diet is mainly veggies. So a veggie stew, curry. Maybe pasta or noodles with veggies.

I unwind with… Errrr, once the kids are in bed usually by 7.30pm I head downstairs and to the gram. I will check/reply to I’More and school emails, pack any orders and call krystle (my work wife and co-founder of I’More) we schedule a face time on Wednesday evenings to discuss the business plans. I will do the majority of I’More things in the evenings and weekends. I watch Netflix. I love Power (just saying) and documentaries. I also play netball with adults Monday and Wednesday evenings. Life is all about balance, work hard play hard.

Before I go to bed I…  I have a meditation app which I use, so will try to relax my mind and give thanks for another day.


Thank you Somayeh! You can keep up with Somayeh Ceasar via the links below:


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