A Day With... Remi Sade

Remi Sade takes us through an ‘average’ day as a young mother studying at university using creative means to overcome the challenge of being affected by dyslexia and dyspraxia.  Remi studies alongside a cute side hustle designing and selling inspirational posters, sharing fashion inspo for girls with curves and blogging!  Yes all of this whilst parenting, I need a lie down thinking about it!  


Remi had me drooling when she said she has seasoned baked beans and plantain with a cooked breakfast twice a week.  PLANTAIN is life and seasoned beans are a great companion.  Guess what I'll be having at the end of the week? (End because I am waiting for the plantain to be just right random Q, do you prefer yours boiled or fried?).  Ok back to Remi 👀! Remi humourously touches on the push and pull of her 2nd generation Caribbean culture, Britishness, student life through brekkie (yes for real 🙃) and university being a means to change the soci-economic status.  Over to you Remi...

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I set my alarm for… 6:45 on a uni day, otherwise I don’t set one

I actually get up at… Half 7 when I have uni or I wait for Sans to wake up around 9

My morning ritual(s) is/ are...Haha ummmm honestly its quite bad I go on my WhatsApp widget so look at all the unread messages without opening the app and then ignore them. Well I always reply to my best friends. Then I check my emails too.

What do you do next? Make Sans bottle and look at my uni timetable.

To wake my child up I… Do nothing the girls a human clock!

For breakfast I have… This is where the student, mother and 2nd gen Caribbean in me all conflict. Sometimes just a smoothie when I’m trying to be all oh I’m a mum, so I need to be health conscious.  If I’m really rushing not a thing I grab a coffee at the tube station. Then usually at least twice a week I have a cooked breakfast which includes fried plantain and seasoned baked beans

My go to outfit is… Jeans, t-shirt and converse.

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I chose to study because… I wanted to finish what I started, and my degree is an opportunity to elevate my future and my family’s socio-economic status. Having said that I’m at a very creative and transitional point in my life and writing for me has been way more successful than I could have ever imagined. Unlike my degree I didn’t choose it to be sensible its very much a passion of mine.

Describe your typical work day… I go into lectures and they usually last around 2-3 hours we might get a 15-minute break depending on how nice the lecturer is. I’m also dyslexic and dyspraxic so I have a Dictaphone that I use to record the lectures on. So once I’m done I transfer the file on to a laptop and email it to myself. Then I go to the library for a few hours and crack on with my assignments. It means when I come home my time is for my family and ratchet TV.

For lunch I have…. A sandwich yh its boring I know.

My biggest career related achievement is… Well seeing as I write as well as being a student mum, I’d say when I set up my blog and bought a .com. If I’m honest I’m still buzzing about that.

I dread my studies when… Uni drags when I feel like I’m spreading myself to thin because in addition to studenting I then have to convince myself why this will all be worth it.

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… because…  A professional volunteer (I don’t think it’s a real job). I’d love to travel the world and live in communities and teach them how to monetize their environments. Being from a western country we see poverty as an objective lifestyle. However, there are so many people who live far below anything we would call poverty and they want to get out of that cycle but don’t know how to.  They’re so grateful for what they have. I would just want to help empower them so they could say they were self-made and no longer struggling.

At the end of the work day I… Read a book on the tube home.

The first thing I do when I get home is…TAKE OFF MY BRA and see my baby.

My go to dinner is... Brown stew chicken with rice and peas...well to cook anyway. I’m also partial to Thai food, Busaba squid to be exact I could eat a portion of that and sleep good.

I unwind with… Ratchet TV it’s my guilty pleasure no judgment.

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Before I go to bed I… Look for my headscarf, every night without fail. Which is jokes because in the past 6 months I’ve had about 4 but still manage to spend 10 minutes searching for one. While trying not to wake Sans up, it feels like one of them ninja laser workouts.     


You can keep up with Remi via her website and instagram here and here!

Thank you Remi xx