A Day With... Danae Dade

Today we have the pleasure of hanging out with Danae Dade, the vegan cooking don that makes eating veggies look sexy with catering experiences via The V Spot and free from bakes that taste like sumptuous treats via Cookie & Biscuit.


Danae shares her delectable culinary skills by mail order and also at an array of events ranging from Yoga brunches, day retreats and vegan pizza and beer nights.  She is even generous enough to share recipes for us to serve plant based realness at home!  In addition to all that she is an awesome human being with the best curls in SE London!  Over to you Danae...


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I set my alarm for… No alarms as we have a 2 year old to fill that role.

I actually get up at… Between 7-7:30 am

My morning rituals are... Wake up, Smile! And mentally list 3 things I am grateful for before getting out of bed. Then I grab the toddler who is usually just chatting to himself in his cot. We have a cuddle and head downstairs.  

What do you do next?  Sort the kids out with breakfast. I put the coffee on, and wash my face/shower. While in the shower I take stock of the day ahead, carving out how I can get the most done in the limited time I have throughout the day

To wake my kids up I… Erm…I wish I had to wake them up hahaha

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For breakfast I have… Coffee and a smoothie, pre school run is crazy so I save my morning meal for after Bowie and I get back from dropping Frankie off at school

My go to outfit is… On kitchen/admin days its Jeans, jumper & comfortable shoes, I do try to make an effort for meetings mostly because I have a whole wardrobe filled with outfits from my former career in fashion wholesale management

I chose my career/ job because… I LOVE food, baking is my therapy, it helped me deal with PND while on maternity leave with Frankie, and I continued to slowly grow my business after I went back to work full time for a footwear company. When I was made redundant I decided to take the leap and through myself into cookie&biscuit and launch the V spot- plant based supper clubs and catering. Seeing people coming together over healthy and delicious meals, meeting new friends has deepened by passion for food. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

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Describe your typical work day… Emails are tackled from 9:30-10am, then on most days from 10-12pm I spend with Bowie, which usually includes deliveries on our way to playgroups &parks and while he naps I do any baking prep, recipe testing and finish emails until we pick Frankie up from school. Then I spend the afternoon with the kids, resuming work at 7:30pm-11pm once they are in bed. This is when I do all of the cake decorating/ marketing/ stock take/ planning etc. It’s a long day, but I am grateful to have the extra time available to spend with the kids.

For lunch I… I prefer lunch to be my biggest meal of the day, so it’s usually a giant chopped salad with quinoa or pearl barley, loads of roasted veg, and a tahini garlic dressing or a veggie burger with all of the toppings.

My biggest career related achievement is… My customers, I know it might sound cliché, but these individuals have allowed me to be a part of their special life moments through my food, but their support and kind words have helped me through some very difficult times in recent years giving me the drive to keep pushing on, and growing.

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I dread work when… I don’t think I ever dread work, I might get a bit overwhelmed at times, but in a weird way I thrive off of the pressure

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… This is a tough one, but if I had to choose I would be a dancer because I am so caught up in the artistic expression through dance and I would love to just throw myself into it.

At the end of the work day I… Collapse on the sofa with a glass of wine and a bit of telly

The first thing I do when I get home is… I work from home, but it would be the same if I didn’t- tidy, tidy tidy! Kids are messy!

My go to dinner is... A big bowl cucumber, broccoli & spicy peanut butter dressing with smoked tofu, crispy onions and chilis

I unwind with… Trivia shows (nerd alert) or food/science programs

Before I go to bed I… Meditate for 25 minutes then drift off to slumber

Do you have any events coming up that we should know about?

Next event: High Vibes Yoga Lunch with Sanchia Legister on March 3rd 2018.  You can book here.

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Thanks Danae... we're thinking about what we will make for dinner now!  You lot with weekly meal plans and bulk cooked food in the freezer, SAY NOTHING!

You can keep up with Danae on instagram here and here.  Facebook and Twitter.