A Day With... Candice Brathwaite

Today we spend A Day With social media darling and multiple entrepreneur, Candice Brathwaite.  Candice is making a solid career from being her damn self and lighting up our timelines with knowledge AND her learnings along the way.  Candice is successfully carving a lane all of her own, well actually a lane for her and her gorgeous and growing little black nuclear family.

Candice juggles being a mother, wife, a career as a social media influencer, sometimes pretty cake maker and being champion for diversity in social media marketing via Make Motherhood Diverse whilst remaining true to herself.  Lets see how she does it!


I set my alarm for... I use Papa B’s alarm. He gets up at 4:30.

I actually get up at… 6am.

My morning rituals are... A strong Nespresso pod, some exercise (yoga/walking/stretching) and the BBC news.

What do you do next? Wash up! Annoyingly Papa B acts as if bleach comes out of the taps so won’t do it before bed. I loathe dishwashers so I usually wash up last nights plates first thing in the morning. 

To wake my kid up I… Don’t have to do anything. No matter how late she’s gone to bed Esmé will wake up at 8am like clockwork. Every. Single. Day.


For breakfast I have… Crepes! 

My go to outfit is… Before pregnancy it would be a mid-length, nipped waist, 50’s dress. Now it’s a figure hugging body con number in a punchy colour. 

I chose my career/ job / business because… They all chose me! Since leaving publishing to raise the kid, I’ve worked hard to not be stagnant. I’ve always sold cakes even whilst working at PRH, so naturally that was something I returned to. The other jobs have transpired in a snowball effect. Brands began to reach out to me on social media. That’s how my literary agent found me too. So now I bake, write and chase invoices to keep the lights on! 

Describe your typical work day… There is no typical day! My phone lives in my hand. My family hate it but when working for yourself a missed call or late email can result in me missing out on £500. My relationship with my phone is non-negotiable. Everything I do, be it decorating a cake or filming some content for a client has to be built around Esmé’s needs. She’s at nursery three days a week, so that’s when I go all in and schedule phone meetings and trips into London.

For lunch I… Have whatever was for dinner the night before! Unless I’m near a sushi place. Then it’s tuna and salmon all in. 

My biggest career related achievement is… Not being scared of reinvention. From publishing, to influencer to cake maker. All those things make me whole. 

I dread work when... I don’t feel there is enough of it. Every hustlers fear. 

If I could exchange my career/ business for any career /business in the world I would be… A mortician. I am utterly obsessed with the idea of a ‘past life’. because… since my father died I’ve been left with a lot of questions. Also the folks at the funeral home he was at did a terrible job at presenting him in a manner I deemed as fit. Everyone should have nicer memories of their loved ones. 

At the end of the work day I… It’s currently 22:43 and I’m typing this. I don’t think there is an end! 😂😂😂


The first thing I do when I get home is… Smile. I really, really like our home. A lot of tears and stress went into getting it. I treasure the space so much. 

My go to dinner is... Something with pasta. 

I unwind with… Scented candles. Yankee preferably. 

Before I go to bed I… Listen to a hypno-birthing mp3 

Thank you for letting us in for a day Candice!  You can keep up (or try to) with Candice, here, here and here!