A Day With… Natalie Lee

Today we spend a day with mega babe, Nat aka @stylemesunday. Nat is social media influencer working with brands ranging from Marks and Spencer to Stylist magazine.  Unlike many online influencers Nat focuses on fashion with feeling.  Her brand is all about looking and feeling good in your own skin. This has led her to create the Warrior Woman project where she encourages women to be open and honest about the shit we like to hide so that we can begin to accept our whole selves cellulite, mum tums and even the more serious stuff that happens on the inside.  Nat’s personable style has opened up the world of public speaking.  She has engaged in a number of guest speaking opportunities and is going to be on a panel talking about how to really let go of prejudice at this years Stylist Live show!

Although Nat’s career enables her to work on her own terms, her work keeps her very busy. Lets see how she manages the above alongside #mumlife and #wifelife!

I set my alarm for…. I don’t set an alarm, my kid/s are my alarm.

I actually get up at… Anywhere between 6-7am

My morning ritual(s) is/ are… Wake up sort the kids out, get them clothed, fed and watered. Sort their bags out. Feed the animals and then make myself look semi-presentable before rushing out of the door. Every Monday I wake up before them, exercise and shower before I go and get them up.

What do you do next?  Take the kids to school and walk the dog.

For breakfast I have… I’m going through a peanut butter on bagel phase.

My go to outfit is… I really don’t have one, it depends on what I’ve been sent. My wardrobe changes frequently.


I chose my career/ job / business because… I love fashion and it works around my family.

Describe your typical work day… It’s never the same, ever.

For lunch... I have leftovers from the night before if I’m at home or whatever is around if I’m out.

My biggest career related achievement is… When I do talks. I love the feeling that people have come to listen to what I have to say. This year I’ll be talking at Stylist Live on a panel alongside Reni Eddo-Lodge and Cherry Healey.

I dread work when… I have a mountain of emails. Or I’ve packed too much in.

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… I would love to be a professional dancer or singer.

At the end of the work day I… have to sort the kids out. 80% of the time I make it for school pick up, then it’s homework, after school clubs, cooking dinner, resolving conflicts.

The first thing I do when I get home is… Place my keys/phone in random places. I feel like I’m constantly looking for things. Let the dog out, then put some music on and make myself a coffee.

My go to dinner is… One of my pet hates is thinking about what to do for dinner, so if I’m being unimaginative it’s spaghetti bolognese. Or the family’s favourite is when I make chicken schnitzel. We’ve been trying Hello Fresh lately which is really handy.

I unwind by… Slumping down on the sofa with my husband and watching TV.

Before I go to bed I… Check the children are asleep, give them a kiss and think about how angelic they look when they are sleeping!


My goodness putting keys in random places is the WORST and I (Tamu) do it far too often!  Nat thank you for sharing your day with us.  Your panel sounds awesome we absolutely love Reni Eddo Lodge and Cherry Healey is a babe.

You can keep up with Nat via the links below!