A Day With… Wanita Bardouille

Today we get a glimpse into the day of Wanita Bardouille, mother, partner, glorious friend and Retail Development Director for Ralph Lauren.  Wanita started off as a cashier and has worked her way up the corporate ladder without compromising herself.  She is the type of person that cuts through the BS, rolls up her sleeves and gets on with it, you  will see this as you read on.  As I read Wanita’s responses I was reminded that simple is best.  Don’t over think, just do what you know you can and get shit done!

Wanita has a hectic schedule which includes her relationship with her life partner, motherhood, lots of business travel, managing a team and contributing to the growth of one of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world!  Over to you Wanita.


I set my alarm for... 6am but it’s 50/50, if I get up on time.

My morning rituals are … Stretching, I used follow a routine but now I just go with the flow depending on how I feel.

What do you do next… I take my phones off airplane mode, check them and have a hot tea.

To wake my children up I… I walk into their room and sing to them.



For breakfast I have… Breakfast depends … eggs and fish on a good day. Toast and cereal if am on the run.

My go to outfit is… Well it’s black on black on black usually so I have a black  jumpsuit, black dress, black suit which are my go to outfits and then I top that off with a nude or red lipstick.

I chose my career because… “They” said I had no chance because I had little experience at this level.  I liked the job and the way it made me feel so I took a chance because I was (am) passionate about the role and taking one chance (was) is better than no chance.

I love this role because… I can mix all the skills I have.  I also love that I get to coach my team helping them to identify realistic and impactful strategies to improve their skills and reach new goals.  I was so pleased to learn that one of the people I coached got their biggest pay rise in 4 years after we worked together.  I was so happy for her I screamed!


Describe your typical work day… It could be anything as my job is very varied, but right now it’s very office based, with a lot of decision-making and managing a great team.

For lunch I… Sometimes I go out for lunch sometimes I bring something in. I try to go out of the office for lunch as often as I can, if I don’t there is a chance that I won’t get out of my office all day.

My biggest career related achievement is… Proving to myself that I could do it … and do it really well.

I dread work when… When I need to make more business decisions than creative ones.

If I could exchange my career… It would be to become a cinematographer … because (I think) it’s all about creating moments.


At the end of a work day… I try to get home as early as possible and leave my work “brain” at work.

The first thing I do when I get home… Is take my shoes off and change into some lounge clothes.

My go to dinner is… Monkfish stew with brown rice.  I also have a stash of home-made tomato sauce in the freezer just in case.

I unwind… with Cup of tea at the end of the day.

Before I go to bed… I reflect and give thanks but if I am really tired, I just pass out in our bed!

Thank you Wanita, I totally feel you re giving thanks or passing out!