A Day With... Jodie Clarke

Today we spend the day with the absolute epitome of a Super Mum Boss - Jodie Clarke. Jodie is the founder of Clarkes Closet, where she creates some of the most stylishly adorable black rag dolls and accessories that you'll find in London. She works best at night (we know this cos we've seen her post 1am stories, where she's still sewing while we're still scrolling - lol), rocks the absolute s**t out of red lippy, will whip up a top in a hour and makes a to die for escoveitch snapper, all while juggling 2 fab little people, a hubby and daily life. Jodie we salute you Ma! You make it all look so easy.


I set my alarm for… 6am

I actually get up at… 6.30, sometimes 7.... oh is it bad that it's sometimes 8 (if i've had a looong night) Hubby has usually sorted the children by then.

My morning ritual(s) is/are... Sit up in bed and check my phone, my mum has usually sent an inspirational quote or message. Wish my sisters a good morning in our group chat and then get out of bed.

Stop by the kitchen on the way to the kids rooms to tune into Ontop FM, DJ Milktray is my go to for the morning, I can't miss his Motivational messages and mixes in the AM.

Shout at the kids to get up 10 times, get them dressed. Remind them to do their board, (they have a magnet board each with what they must do in the mornings, GET DRESSED, BRUSH TEETH, MAKE BED... yes even for the three year old!).

Throw two pancakes (Lidl)in the microwave for the kids, add strawberries and chocolate spread, (feeling proud like I actually made them from scratch).

Be ready to leave the house by 8:30 but still leave 10 minutes later than planned!! We ride to school and nursery.

What do you do next... Ride to the gym

To wake my kid(s) up I… Start off calm and collect with "wake up guys" time for school, but always ends up with "GET UP NOW!!!"

For breakfast I have… Most of the time it's air with a side of air. Sometimes fruit, and a lemon and ginger tea. Lately as I'm back in the gym I'm using my bullet more, so a whole load of fruit with usually chia seeds, and a few powders, moringa powder etc...

My go to outfit is… Gym wear on a weekday, Summer - a maxi dress and flip flops (I could live in them), Winter - jeans and a jumper.

I chose my career/ job because… My job choose me! I was made redundant and was pregnant with Clarke at the time. When Clarke was about four months old I went looking for accessories for her hair and a Black rag doll but couldn’t find anything that represented her, so I decided to do something about it! Black and ethnic children are so under represented in the toy industry that I now feel it's my calling to rectify that one doll at a time!

Describe your typical work day… Get home at about 11 from the gym, quick shower, bite to eat. I then sew from 12 -3pm. Check my orders, reply to emails.If I don’t go to the gym I work from 9:30am - 3pm. Once the children are in bed I then work again from 8pm til about 1am. Sometimes when I’ve lost my mind I work until 4am.


For lunch I… Have whatever I cooked for dinner the day before.

My biggest career related achievement is… Starting Clarkes Closet. It's the scariest thing ever!! For eight years I knew where my money was coming from in the form of a pay check. I worked 8 hours a day and had weekends off. Now I work up to 60 hours a week, knowing that I have to make this work for myself and my family, trying to show my children that there is more than one route to happiness and fulfilment. Thank God for the most supporting partner EVER that hasn’t yet forced me go get back that 9-5.

I dread work when… Honestly I have no dread, I love what I do. Ok, ok that’s a lie, cutting fabric. I hate cutting! It takes forever and makes my hands feel like I'm going to get early onset arthritis, I hate it, but I get giggles from all the emails from satisfied customers. I love my erratic light bulb moments at 3am knowing that I really need to get some sleep (self care and all that). I do wish I had a team of ten little Elf’s that sewed while I slept.

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… To be a Ballerina/contemporary dancer, dancing on stage every night, because that was my first love. From the age of 5 Dance is all I wanted to do and I studied it at University level.

At the end of the work day I… It depends on the day, if I’ve had a good day I spend it with the kids and Hubby, if its been hectic, I collapse into bed after a long night shift.

The first thing I do when I get home is… Depends on the day and as I work from home it's usually coming home from the ten thousand extra curricular activities my children do. I cook dinner and wind them down for the evening.

My go to dinner is... Ital stew peas and Quinoa (I’m trying to go vegan), for the kids baked sea bass stuffed with spinach with fried plantain.

I unwind with… Trash TV, I should say a book but i'd be lying.

Before I go to bed I… Check on my children, give thanks for seeing through another day.


Thank you for sharing your day with us Jodie.  You can keep up with Jodie via the links below.