A Day With... Jessica Huie

Today we spend a day with Public Relations Guru and Author Jessica Huie... She also has an award winning greeting card company that specialises in greeting cards for people of colour called Color Blindcards.  Color Blind cards was the first greetings cards company aimed at people of colour stocked in national retail chain Clintons.  The cards are stocked in retail outlets across the globe.  Jessica is also a public speaker and ambassador for youth, enterprise and social mobility, delivering inspirational talks at schools, entrepreneurial organisations and charities. [spacer height="20px"]

In addition to this Jessica is a really supportive woman who just wants women to live a purposeful life, as such she has made her time available to us and shared some gems that really crystallised some things and got us keen to get to a point were we can join her roster of clients.  Jessica was amazing on our first panel last December, she talked motherhood, finding balance and not being so hard on yourself.  Did I mention that she is an MBE for services to entrepreneurship and positive influence on community?  Lets see how she manages to do all of this!


I set my alarm for...  6am I actually get up at 6.30am - I lie there and mentally recall all of that for which I am grateful and listening to the sound of the birds outside my window. I meditate for around 5-10 mins. This is new, 2 years ago I’d wake up and immediately reach for my phone, hurtling straight into a mind overwhelmed by people requiring responses and my packed diary of responsibilities for the day.

My life is in many ways unrecognisable to my existence then, I’m much more deliberate about what and how I let things into my psyche. I’m so much happier for it

To wake up my child I... My 5-year-old generally bursts through the door around 6.45am and climbs in for a cuddle before we roll on to my yoga mat which is outstretched, ready & waiting from the night before. Our new routine is to spend 15 mins doing his version of yoga stretches - I'm starting him early in the practise! At first he found my practise laughable but I'm delighted he's begun to enjoy getting involved with me. He makes up his own stretches and its particularly serious, but as he gets older its important to me that he understands the calm he can tap into within himself - regardless of what the day or life throws at him.


We head downstairs and do breakfast where my mum takes over so I can get dressed for the office. She stays three nights each week and makes it possible for me to have the full-on career that I do. My teenager Monet is a professional model and is generally already milling around the kitchen and on her way out to a casting or job by the time I put the kettle on.

For Breakfast I ... Breakfast is generally a smoothie after a cup of tea, with almond milk and honey. I like it strong. I grab almond milk porridge once I get to Waterloo station.

My go to outfit is... Dictated by my mood. A bold and bright Baukjen jumpsuit and heels is my fave easy, stylish look but I do me.


I chose the career I have today because… I didn’t. It chose me, and that’s the way it should be. It hasn't always been possible to make a living from my calling and in teens and twenties I didn't realise that we could craft a life from our purpose. But today I’m blessed that my walk to work is one of commitment. I get to be a part of creating change through the art of communication - whether its Public Relations or through my career as a writer.

My typical work day starts with me sending a to do list to my PA Sarah, dropping my son to school then heading to the office which is Somerset house in london. Meetings with clients and the team then home to read my boy a story and snuggle before writing or editing my first book, Purpose. It’s being published by Hayhouse and is out in April next year. The whole experience of writing has been a beautiful adventure which I have relished every moment of, even when it has brought me face to face with the most testing period of my life.


For lunch I...  I'm a month into being a vegetarian. I managed 2.5 weeks on a vegan diet but then feta cheese made me fall off. So it’s sweet potato soup or a lentil salad for lunch!

My biggest career related achievement to date is...  is writing my book. Though I see it as a life achievement. It’s an evolution of my career I guess, but its meaning and impact on my life goes way beyond the professional. I have returned home to the very essence of who I am supposed to be on this planet and its feeling good.

I dread work when... I don’t, ever. Sometimes my workload becomes overwhelming because I have a tendency to take on too much, but its never the work I dislike, it just means I’ve lost my equilibrium and balance for a moment. Once I create the space to reconnect with myself I’m back on course.

At the end of the work day I... Call my mum and smile as she relays her evening with her grandson. I call my husband and reconnect and I listen to an audio book on the walk to the station. I might watch Insecure or read Marian Keyes ‘The break’ for an hour then its back to book writing.


The first thing I do when I get home... Is cuddle my son. He’s the most unique exceptional little soul and I am so grateful that I’m his mum. I have a big 13 year age gap between my birth children (I also have two step children)  so to have this boundless joy so many years after my daughter Monet, is a gift that keeps on giving.


My go to dinner is…  Whatever mum has cooked!!! On the days she's not there I do a stir fry and on the weekend I bake banana bread. I felt in love with cooking about three years ago. Having some mental space to get creative and really enjoy the art of cooking as opposed to needing to feed the family is another thing I am grateful for.

I unwind with... A candle, hugs and a great book.


Before I go to bed I... Write down everything that brought me joy during the day to remind myself of all that I am thankful for. It’s a new habit, and if I fall out of it for too long I lose perspective and can become quickly overwhelmed with my responsibilities. For a long term depression or anxiety was my default setting, shifting that setting to a healthy and serene setting has taken some commitment. Gratitude is a big part of what keeps me mentally healthy.

Thank you for sharing your day with us Jessica.  You can keep up with Jessica via the links below.