A Day with Judith Agwada Akeru

Next up in our A Day With series is the ultimate Stylish Mum Boss Judith aka Maison Archives. If you're following her online then you like us are totally in awe of her effortless style, if you aren't following her already then go follow so you can be jealous too!  Judith is also one of our NHS Angels, read on to see how she manages to juggle family, dogs, work and style...

I set my alarm for… I don't set an alarm, as a creature of habit I wake up every day by 05:45

I actually get up at… My youngest two get into my bed at about 06:00 for a cuddle and I then get out of bed by 06:30

My morning ritual(s) is/are... I say a quick thanks for seeing yet another beautiful day. I try to think through previous days activities, any regrets, worries and then focus on the new day setting targets for my self "I am going to have a fantastic day and that's that"

06:00 is... Cuddle o'clock.

06:30... Let the dogs out in the garden. Put the Kettle on. Run a quick bath.

Work wear...  Is very infection control driven, I tend to wear low maintenance clothes, cotton, wrinkle free etc, my uniform is a pleated midi skirt, a Breton top or other striped shirt (blue and white is my go to), in the summer either well worn Gucci loafers or my Gap Ballerina pumps and in the winter paired with ankle boots.

07:00... Leave the house, quick kiss and goodbye to the children.

Breakfast is... Tea and porridge on the go.

07:10... Train To Warren street... I spend the time on the train, reinforcing my mantra, its mantra galore." I am awesome, happy, not fatigued, life is not a competition, I will do my best because  I am strong and fit so I can" while avoiding eye contact and pretending to be alone somewhere peaceful....

08:00... Work

What do you do next? My work day depends on whether I am on call, then its 13 hour shift spent often in scrubs, day or night... hectic hectic hectic.. I love it as I am sadly an Adrenalin junkie. Otherwise my day job starts with board rounds at 08:00 which is essentially a multi desciplinary meeting reviewing all our patients.

09:00... Formal ward rounds start. Lunch is whenever this ends, I often grab a fruit/ salad or soup.

13:00... Outpatient clinic on days I am rota'd to be in clinic.

Otherwise my day consists of; reviewing patients on other wards. Giving telephone advice to GP's and other colleagues. Meetings with families, ward work, supporting my team, teaching, getting investigations done, reviewing results etc.


18:00... I aim to try and leave for home.

19:10... Home, Mummy o'clock

20:00... Dinner

20:45... Bed time for the children.

21:30... Me time, Social media, check mail, work on my blog

To wake my kid(s) up I… Only have this pleasure at weekends and I let everyone sleep in, otherwise I sometimes crawl into one of their beds and let them find me when they wake up....

For breakfast I have… Tea and a fruit +/- porridge

My go to outfit is… Vintage mum jeans cuffed an extra inch or two at the ankle, worn with a simple cotton T shirt off white preferably, paired with beige trench coat and Gucci pricetowns...

I chose my career/ job because… I actually care for the well being of our elderly population, I love what they have to say, the wisdom, patience and commitment to their own health. I love being a geriatrician as I get the honor to engage with and care for my patients, support their families sometimes through to the end. It is an incredibly rewarding opportunity. My job definitely helps keep me in check and down to earth....

Describe your typical work day… For lunch I…wish I could say its a peaceful 30 minutes of salad, then yoga.... no its on the go go go...and I most days grab a soup.

My biggest career related achievement is… Taking my Royal college of physicians membership exams 7 days after my cesarean section with my last and passing it. It was a two day tough exam, my breast milk was coming in, 4th baby ..uterus was contracting like mad couldn't take analgesia as needed a clear head to study and stay alert for an all day exam and I did it...ok looking back now I must have been fooking out of my mind.

I dread work when… I have to work weekends as i miss my children terribly.

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be... I would never exchange my career but if i could i would be a full time stay at home mum… because it makes me sad that i've missed so many important aspects of their little lives.... I would probably end up the grinch so maybe not…

At the end of the work day I… give thanks for the honour to care for people and not fail the trust my patients have in me, sometimes when i've lost a patient I feel very sad but I try not to take this home with me.

The first thing I do when I get home... is hail my kids from the door like proper hail... Pukie pukie!!!!!

My go to dinner is... Lamb chops and steamed vegetables throw in some fried plantain and the party is on.

I unwind with... I love flowers and love to sit in my garden with a nice cup of tea. Sometimes I grab a book and lose myself in whatever the story is... this works for me.

Before I go to bed I... call my mum, give thanks for another wonderful day…

You can find Judith aka Maison Archives in all her fabulous style here or here