A Day With... Liz Tidmac

Today we spend a day with Liz Tidmac aka @uhohmum!  We can't remember how we came across Liz but we are so glad we did.  Liz uses social media for the lols, to break up the hum drum of parenting and share experiences.  There is no follow for follow, no wanting to 'be seen' just sharing for sharing sake and liking because she does and it is so refreshing.  We love Liz' dry sense of humour and quick wit, we also love that she likes to dance in empty cinemas on date nights! Also thanks to Liz we learned how to spell pterodactyl![spacer height="20px"]

When we asked Liz to take part in this series her initial response was something like, "I am boring", however what we do know is that social media is a small and most of the time highly curated part of life... we are probably all boring really I mean how exciting can life be when it is governed by little people and routines?  Lets be real.  Anyway when Liz sent this we actually lol'd at some parts!  To add smile to your day, read on!

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I set my alarm for... 6.15am, however I’m normally awake before just lounging getting mentally ready for the day.

[spacer height="20px"] I actually get up at… Latest 6.25am

[spacer height="20px"] My morning ritual(s) is/ are... A scroll of instagram, drink a coffee, sip some water and eat a banana (or if my family have eaten them, have a mini rant to myself about how there’s no bananas) and enjoy some silence by myself.

[spacer height="20px"] What do you do next... Depending on the day, I get ready for work, go to the gym or get the kids breakfast ready.

[spacer height="20px"] To wake my kid(s) up I… Buss open the door, they are normally awake doing some kind of foolishness in there.

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[spacer height="20px"] For breakfast I have… Oats with fruit or egg, spinach and tomato with basil.

[spacer height="20px"] My go to outfit is… Jeans (high waisted….always high waisted!), a bright coloured t-shirt or sweater and some trainers or a bright patterned track suit.

[spacer height="20px"] I chose my career/ job / business because… After having a rough childhood myself, where school was my place of escape, I wanted to provide children with a safe environment to be educated in, to be a figure of comfort outside of their home. Working in a diverse area, I wanted to show those children that any one of any ethnicity can achieve anything and have someone to relate to, someone who grew up in their environment. My night job I chose because nursery fees are extortionate so me returning to work full-time wasn’t feasible.

[spacer height="20px"] Describe your typical work day… Up at 6.15am, coffee and a banana, 6.45am shower and get dressed (sometimes the weather messes up my outfit prep and I’m stumped for an extra 5 mins), 7.20am get kids up and dressed for nursery a.k.a chase the boy round the room moisturizing his hair, convince the girl to use the toilet before we get in the car, then bark that we are late and charge out the flat at 7.45am (normally muttering that they always make me late). 8am throw them through the nursery doors as soon as they unlock and run to the tram stop to make the 08.09am tram otherwise I’m late for work! 08.30am start work which is educating young minds, starting off with PE all morning or literacy and math then free play in the afternoons while writing observations and catching jokes from the children. We also do fruit and milk time whilst the children show their show and tell (which I fake enthusiasm at the multiples of hot wheels cars the boys bring in every week) 4.00pm I buss out the door with no remorse for any leftover jobs! I refuse to pick up my children before 5.30pm because I’m getting what I’m paying for, so I normally run errands, prep dinner or just sit down. I then go and collect kids, dinner, bath and bed. Then attempt some me time. However, every day is different.

[spacer height="20px"] For lunch I… Manage to grab 20 mins to shovel in food. Normally something like baked sweet potato, chicken and veg.

[spacer height="20px"] My biggest career related achievement is… I am yet to experience this! But it feels pretty awesome when the kids all run up to me in the playground saying they’ve missed more or I’m the best teacher ever. I dread work when…It’s my night shift. It’s literally a means to an end and all I think about is how tired I’m going to be for the next two days.

[spacer height="20px"] If I could exchange my career/ business / job for any career / business / job in the world it would be… Because…I was born too late to fulfill my true life calling. I believe I was made to be an 80/90s mediocre backing dancer (think Top of the Pops).

[spacer height="20px"] At the end of the work day I… Run out the door as fast as possible before anyone tries to make small talk or tell me information they could tell me the next day!

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[spacer height="20px"] The first thing I do when I get home is… Throw on comfy clothes!

[spacer height="20px"] My go to dinner... Is stew chicken with cauliflower rice for me and normal rice for the other half!

[spacer height="20px"] I unwind with… Catch up TV with the other half, while we scroll through our phones, chit-chat about each other’s day while pretending to know what the other one is on about.

[spacer height="20px"] Before I go to bed I… Charcoal my teeth, cleanse, tone and moisturise my face (anti aging durh) and listen to sleep meditation videos on YouTube.

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You can follow Liz on Instagram.

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Thank you so much for sharing your day! xx