Hashtag INSTA Mum!

In January this year we were approached by Katy Poulter who is an actress, script writer and producer, who along with her business partner Francesca Marie Claire are part of a film and TV production company called Masked Pony Productions.  Katy contacted us as they were creating a series of short comedy sketches and wanted to ensure that their programming was genuinely inclusive.  They asked us if we could recommend some mothers that were charismatic and fun... well to quote Dizzee Rascal "we have them by the bucket load, we have them by the tonne!"  We are so here for this, broadcasters and casting agents take note #belikeKaty inclusion is so much more authentic than tokenistic diversity. 

We made a couple of recommendations and forgot about it really.  Fast forward to yesterday 09/08/17... we received a lovely thank you email from Katy telling us that they filmed with one of the people we recommended, Sareta Fontaine AKA @kikiblahblah.  If you read this blog or follow us on social media you will know that we LOVE Sareta and her family... even that yappy little dog!

The first short is called 'Instamum'. Its 1 of 3 comedy shorts that Masked Pony Productions have produced which have been written by 3 comedy mum bloggers. This first one is written by Sareta Fontaine (Issa Rae watch out!) and stars Chizzy Akudolu from Holby City - a real life proper actress!

I chuckled as I watched as this is so like Sareta's Insta life and true to real life!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

xx Tamu