National Portrait Gallery - by Mini Ramblings

On Monday we walked a lot. We went to the The National Portrait Gallery, Covent Garden and Southbank. Read on to find out more about our day.

On the way to the National Portrait Gallery we missed our stop, so ended up getting off at Borough, the wrong stop. We were meant to get off at Kennington then change, but we were playing a game on Mum's phone. The journey was a little longer because we had to go back to Kennington and then to Charing cross, but it wasn’t too bad.


At the ‘National Portrait Gallery’ we saw lots of portraits of people we recognised, Ed Sheeran, Maggie Smith, Princess Kate and others. Then we met the lovely Emily who took us to lunch, where I [mini-me] had a lunch box. Inside the lunch box I had a Cheese Sandwich, Mini Cheddars, Grapes, Banana’s and Custard and Apple Juice. Mum had a salad with Eggs and Anchovies… Yuck!


When we’d finished, Emily took us to meet her colleagues, that were running the Summer Sketch workshop. During the workshop, we went round the gallery and drew different aspects of different portraits, like eyebrows from Princess Kate, mouth from Ed Sheeran and so on.


After we drew the different parts of the different faces we had to go back to the meeting point and put all the faces on a piece of paper, where we were able to see the different aspects of all the different portrait on one face. You could also make them into collages if you wanted to as there were loads of colouring pencils and different coloured card and glue and stuff, but I decided to keep my drawings as they were. We thanked Emily and her colleagues for a great day and had a look round the rest of the gallery.


Once we'd seen everything we walked to Covent Garden, where I got a Nutella pancake, whilst Mum and I walked around the square, into the market and in and out of the shops, it was fun! We also saw a man singing opera, [personally I thought he was great]. Then we walked over Waterloo bridge, to Southbank where we got the train home.


The Summer Sketch event takes place every day for the whole of the summer holidays and welcomes everyone over the age of 5, different ages will think about it in different ways, but they’ll all have fun. I recommend that you go with your children and have a nice family bonding moment.

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