Top Tips: Travelling Sans Child and not feeling Guilty

I have recently returned from a holiday sans child. This is my 2nd for the year, 2nd in June actually but if I say for the year it sounds better. Lol. A few people have asked how I "get away with" travelling without my daughter and if I feel guilty. Let me start by saying mini-me has TRAVELLED, I travel with her as much as without her, but unfortunately school means that she can't always come and actually not every holiday is for her, sometimes Mummy needs to travel alone.


I definitely don't feel guilty, I've travelled without her since she was 2 so for us it's normal. And as I said we holiday together too so she doesn't feel like she's missing out. This is just the way it is...

Because so many people have asked I've decided to share my Top Tips for Holidaying without your kid(s) and not feeling guilty.


1. Get them to help pack your suitcase and their own if they won't be staying at home. I have to add that this may not be for every child. My child LIVES for moments like these where she can organise, pack and be useful, sorry if yours will be jumping in/on your suitcase.

2. Do something fun/special the day before or a few days before if possible. For us it can range from a cinema trip to a meal at a restaurant or trip to Southbank, whatever she chooses to do (within reason of course).

3. While you're away send a few pics to whoever your child is staying with (unless of course they have their own phone) and/or FaceTime them every couple of days. Be sure to check the time difference so you aren't messaging while they're at school/asleep.


4. Give each other something to keep/take while you're away. We've recently started exchanging crystals. She keeps hers under her pillow and I keep mine in my purse. I've attempted to keep it in my bra but as there isn't much else in there it kept falling out 😂.. Before crystals we would exchange friendship bracelets that we had made, I still have some round my ankle from a trip to Greece last year. One year when she was a lot younger she gave me a My Little Pony to take and I took loads of random pics of me and Pinkie Pie while I was in Ibiza, she absolutely loved her Pinkie Pie does Ibiza photo album! Obviously it was all child friendly 😂

5. Take some time when you return to tell them about your time away and go through your pics. Depending on the kind of holiday it is, it may be worth creating a separate album for this... 👀

6. If like mini-me your child is a writer you can get them to keep their own journal/diary. This was mini-me's idea, she can honestly find any reason to write and buy a new notebook. But it works well as you "debrief" on your return and you both have something to share. Another way is a vlog, if your little one is up to speed with such things.


7. When her Dad went on tour for 3 months I pre-printed sheets of address labels for him to take with him, to make it easy for him to send her a postcard from every stop. He also sent a pic of himself outside any landmarks that he went to and we would Google them to find out more.

8. Be sure to bring back a gift to seal the deal just in case all of the above hasn't worked.

9. And finally Enjoy! Lol


Do you have any tips for guiltfree, childfree travel?