Grateful for Sisterhood

Today Leah and I had the pleasure of contributing to an exhibition / project that has been curated by Bee Tajudean founder of Black Blossoms and Paula Akpan founder of The I'm Tired Project.

I'm Tired is an award winning photography project which aims to to highlight the lasting impact of everyday micro-aggressions, assumptions & stereotypes. Black Blossomsis a platform highlighting the voices of black women in education and the creative industries. Last year they held a very successfulexhibitionat University of the Arts London Showroom.

Both of these projects are designed to give Black women the light and space required to display their creative talents with integrity. These projects are so beautiful, necessary and worthy of time I strongly suggest that you check them out.

Today Paula and Bee have come together to create a collaborative photographic project alongside some awesome workshops and classes including self care and rehabilitative and rejuvenating stretching. The day was so lit, words cannot begin to describe.

For the photographic exhibition we had our backs painted with a statement we chose to represent something we are tired of. A photo of our backs will be displayed at locations nationally! The result was brilliant and I know that each and every photograph that was taken is going to be a beautiful representation of this project.

There were Black women connecting over food, whilst being photographed and during workshops in a manner that was warm and genuine. I hugged women I've admired online for the longest while and saw one of our favey faves, Jendella. It was such a vibe we cannot thank Paula and Bee enough for creating this project and for inviting us to be a part of their narrative.

I have to mention the Rehabilitative and Rejuvenating Stretch & Meditation session with Kelechi aka Kelechnekoff. This class was centred on mindfully stretching and engaging your body and your mind to heal and release tension whilst focusing on something of meaning to you.

Kelechi guided us to breathe our way into deep stretches in our minds and bodies. We left feeling open and light. Kelechi is magic, we can't wait to collaborate with her to create something magical to share with you awesome mama's.

I am grateful to have experienced sisterhood.

Always with love,

Tamu xx