Mother's Day

We all know that Mother's Day is really every day and we love, celebrate and appreciate being Mothers, as well as our own Mother's always. But seen as we have this day dedicated to us we thought we'd embrace it and ask some of the Mums we follow what their own Mother's mean/meant to them.


Afua Adom
Presenter: ABN TV and ABN Radio UK, CNBC
My biggest inspiration is my mother. It might be a massive cliche but it’s my truth. We’ve not always seen eye to eye as any Mother and Daughter know but she has always had my back even when it didn’t feel like it. When I initially struck out as a single parent she didn’t understand why I would make that choice for myself and my daughter. It was hard to explain to someone who had been married for 40 years, and especially coming from the old school Ghanaian community, that your marriage failed and you felt like you failed and in fact what you needed was just support – plain and simple. She came around – of course – and has always been a tower of unwavering support for Naima and myself. Even though she lives in Glasgow and we live in London she will pitch in with childcare whenever I need it, is constantly sending care packages (does Naima need anymore clothes) and is always at the end of the phone.

My mum is an inspiration to me because she is the epitome of someone who has kept going in spite of everything. She has Parkinson’s, a cruel degenerative disease which means her mobility is limited and her speech is impaired but she just keeps going. We’re 10 years after diagnosis and beginning to see now more than ever, with accompanying old age, just how awful this disease can be but every day we are blessed to have her as the matriarch of our clan. I hope that one day I can have half her determination, her faith, her strong moral compass, her sense of humour and her desire to just keep on. She is my constant corrector, my long distance love and I wouldn’t be an ounce of the woman I am today without her. 


Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka
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It probably sounds very cliched, but my mother has honestly been (and still is) my biggest inspiration. She demonstrated to my sister and I over and over through her own actions that openness to new experiences, opportunities and people, creativity, taking action and a strong sense of self were all the tools we needed to take control of our destiny.

I honour my mother - Lorna Turay (Downes) for being a woman of character, strength, a Mother to many, a mother who taught me to rise every time I fall and is with me in my rising. She inspires me every day to be the best version of me - to my children, husband, siblings and in my relationships. To love myself fiercely. She's my prayer warrior; because at the end of this life - "its about the lives we touched, the time we made for others - it's about  LOVE". Through the many challenges she's faced in life, I admire her capacity to love and show kindness, even when it costs her. She is my hero - my mother. She inspires me. My biggest cheerleader. 



My Mum is my inspiration I've see her go through a lot from a young age, from domestic violence with my Dad to getting over breast cancer twice, the list could go on. Seeing her go through the toughest times but still manage to be positive and have a smile on her face makes me proud... No Matter what dark times you go through there is always light at the end of the tunnel so keep fighting she will always tell me

Reyna Scott-Moseley
My Mother has been my biggest inspiration beyond a shadow of a doubt. She grew up during the civil rights movement and in fact had to protest to get into the University of her choice. They had accepted her but upon finding out her race, they swiftly declined. Aside from instilling in my brothers and I the importance of education she was a phenomenal mother. She always had a main job and as many side jobs as she could fit in, but she always had time for us kids. She told us the harsh realities of the world while always impressing upon the fact that the sky was our only limit. I feel so blessed to have had her in my life for 33 years. Happy Mother's Day to all of the phenomenal Mothers who overcome whatever life throws at them while being loving and inspirational Moms. 


Ieshah Samuels

There's loads I could say about my Mum, but i'll keep it short and sweet. She's like a Ferrero Rocher, rough on the outside and soft on the inside. She's taught me to be the strong, resilient woman I am today and for that I am eternally grateful.


Asia Robinson

My mom embodies everything that I wish to be in the world: a down-to-earth, great advice giving, supportive of your dreams kind of mom; a devoted and hilarious story-telling friend; a loving wife; and a smart, admired, well-respected businesswoman. I don't think she would describe herself this way, but the truth is, my mom is actually everything. To have grown up with such an example of how love, laughter, generosity, practicality, beauty, fabulousness and just plain smarts can be wrapped up in one woman is all I will ever need to look up to in my life. Now that I am a wife and a mother who is also pursuing a career, I find myself taking pages out of her book all the time. I'm exceedingly blessed to know her, let alone be her daughter.

Happy Mother's Day ladies!


Marsha Powell

It was Mother's Day everyday with our Mum. We made it our duty to make our Mum feel valued as we experienced how hard she worked single handed to ensure we had everything we needed. When our Mum was told she was terminal, we came home a spoke about it. I asked how do you feel, she said O.k. I said you can not be O.k Mum. She then replied I am just worried about you Girls. That was my Mum always putting us first, always figuring out the how. But this time she didn't have the answers. This picture shines our unconditional love for each other, the bond between a Mother and her three daughters.