Natural Hair and Wellbeing Event!

On Saturday 25/03/17 we are collaborating with one of our ultimate faves Inspirational YOU to host a panel discussion on natural hair and wellbeing. We will be talking about what it means to be natural today and the perceptions of natural Afro textured hair.  You can purchase limited £5.00 tickets here.  Children are free. We will be joined by:

Imriel Morgan, co-founder and CEO of The ShoutOut Network and co-host of the Melanin Millennials podcast. Melanin Millenials is one of the best podcasts full stop, if you have not listened.. where have you been. Imriel and her co-host Satia have topical debates centred on the Black British experience and have recently started live shows which are super lit! Imriel is known for her undiluted commentary and quick wit.

Simone Powderly, model, peer support worker and natural hair influencer. Some know Simone as the young woman that was told to remove her braids to be offered a job in 2015 and some may know her as an advocate for natural hair care, wellbeing and empowering women.

Leika Lee, former journalist, natural hair mentor, positive image activist and founder of Project Embrace. Project Embrace promotes a positive image of Afro textured hair which is often overlooked. Leila has recently made waves with an #AfroVisibility billboard campaign promoting tightly coiled Afro hair.

Be Manzini, award winning writer from The British Blacklist and creative producer. Be has donned natural hair nearly her whole life and as every hairstyle for natural hair known to the African continent! She is passionate about promoting positive Black identities which is no surprise as her family were freedom fighters that assisted in the decolonisation of Rhodesia making way for Zimbabwe. Limited £5.00 tickets here.  Children are free.

This panel discussion is part of a wider event.  There will be a pop up shop full of awesome products from some amazing independent brands.  The pop up shop opens at 2pm.

As if that is not enough there will be live music from some very talented up and coming musical talent!

It's going to be cute day out so do come along. Don't worry about child care bring them along 💜

See you on Saturday!

Always with love, Tamu xx