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Wow. This book. I slept on it which makes me sad in that this greatness wasn't in my life earlier, but also so happy as I got to enjoy it just the other day. Homegoing is wonderful, the writing, the story development, the language, the cover. Where has Yaa Gyasi been all my life? Wherever it is, I hope she's ready to release a new book a month because boyyy. I'm currently like that Dave Chapelle meme...


If you follow me on the gram (@blaquereads) you'll notice I've not really read much since 🤔...and if I'm honest its because I'm in book-pression (book depression).  I'm not yet ready to move on and open another novel in fear it'll be 💩 and I'll be bitterly comparing and thinking Gyasi wouldn't write such a silly thing.


No spoilers, but the novel journeys through generations of a Ghanaian family tree, beginning with sisters Effia and Esi, in the 18th century, travelling right up to the present day.


Once I'm done with a book, I swiftly move onto the next, but this one had me reflecting, thinking wow, who were my great great grandparents and what were their stories...? (Being of Krio, Sierra Leonean heritage this is particularly ambiguous).


If you've not gathered, this is one of the best books I've read in a while, so please if you do one thing on World Book Day, purchase this book and join me in my feelings.


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