Grateful for Meeting You!


Of course my gratitude this week is all about the lovely mama's that joined us for our first MAMA & MINI meet up!  You brought your beautiful crew, buggies, buggy boards, lunch, snacks, smiles, baby wipes, sweetie bribes AND REAL AF dope vibes.  Our children played and the sun put in a good appearance too ☀️ !!


The vibes were LIT, my daughter didn't even try any tricks to stay up late when we got home, she was knackered because she had so much fun and liked every child she had a chance to play with.  She also said that the mums were nice too, I'd have to agree!

I watched as our children participated in the Pop-up performance and smiled as they worked together to build towers out of cardboard and tissue paper followed by a never-ending game of 'IT' in the V&A courtyard.  It was beautiful!

My mum came :) she said our meet up reminded her of the 80's when there was a real sense of community.  Mum's came from here, there and yonder (big up all yonder crew!).  Thank you to the mothers that decided to join us last-minute and those that brought friends.  I feel emotional as I type.  Leah and I NEVER imagined that we would be making meaningful connections in real life via this platform.  We are grateful for real, for real!  Vibe attracting tribes and all that 💜 !


I saw numbers being exchanged and mums talking to other mums about things ranging from hair, being a mother in a social media world to introductions for possible job opportunities.  I talked natal charts, rising signs and raising 'woke' AND balanced children!!  I saw people in real life that I usually like the shit out of online and genuinely liked the little I got to see on this occasion.  I am genuinely looking forward to more meet ups!


Connections were made with mum's that understand why we started Motherhood Reconstructed.  We are mega grateful and cannot wait to see you and your children again.


We also hope that we also get the opportunity to do something that looks like this... sans children obvs!  Breast feeding mama's you will need to express just in case!


Please leave your event suggestions in the comments and subscribe so that we can keep you up to date and so that you don't miss a post!  We have a range of things lined up but welcome your input!

Once again thank you so much for joining us!

Always with love,

Tamu xx