Home Spa with Mother Nature's Recipes.

On Tuesday 10th January I was treated to a sumptuous home spa treatment from Mother Nature's Recipes .  Mother Nature's Recipes provides holistic well-being services from 'Mother to be' packages to 'Tired Soles' for mum's that don't get a minute to themselves in the comfort of your own home.  Having the treatment at home means that none of the after effects are lost as you do not have to travel anywhere!  Prior to my deep tissue neck, back and shoulder massage I had the opportunity to interview Mother Nature's Recipes owner Kheyla Anderson before my treatment, her feature will be up soon, she is so multi faceted!

My massage was 45 minutes of pure bliss, my living room was transformed into a spa with candles, meditation music and a comfy massage table.  Mother Nature's Recipes therapists use natural skin care products by Naturally Made for You.  I love the smell of Rose so opted for the Rose and Lavender body oil for my massage, it was rich and calming.

The lovely massage therapist Hayley. Photo by Kheyla Anderson www.kzaphotography.com
The lovely massage therapist Hayley. Photo by Kheyla Anderson www.kzaphotography.com

The massage was deep, I felt angry muscles loosen after initially resisting the pressure being applied by my therapist, eventually my body surrendered and relaxed.  For 30 minutes I forgot where I was and was oblivious to my surroundings.  I wish could have relaxed immediately so I could have reaped the benefits of the whole 45 minutes.

My mother had a top to toe treatment and has already booked her next session! I highly recommend adding a regular massage from Mother Nature's Recipes to your self-care routine.

You can check out Mother Nature's Recipes here.  The website also includes a blog with information about different types of massage and yoga aimed at mothers.  Book your treatment here and tell them we sent you!

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