Motherhood Reconstructed on BBC Radio London

During the Christmas break we were invited to be guests on Dotun Adebayo's show on BBC Radio London on New Years Day.  We immediately thought that this would be a great way to welcome 2017 and it certainly was.  The title of the show was, "The Black Community in 2017".  The aim of the show was to discuss our hopes for 2017 following Theresa May's comments about 2017 being our year (I still can't accept that she is our PM)... or something along those lines.  We were asked to think about goals for the Black Community* and our personal goals for 2017.  We started there and ended up talking about labels, role models and colourism...

You can listen here from 1 hour 9 mins.  The whole show is very good so you might as well listen to the whole two hours.  It will be available until the end of January... or there about.

Cheesing like its a school photo!
Cheesing like its a school photo!

We also got the opportunity to meet  Sadia Sisay, the lady behind new lingerie line Being U, find out about them here, Simone Bresi-Ando, founder of I'm Possible, find out more here and also Gregg Kofi Brown of the legendary group Osibisa

*I dislike the term Black community as it implies we are a monolith... what about class, ethnicity, religion, culture, the list goes on...


To be clear we love everyone here, we are a positive celebratory space, however we cannot ignore issues such as colourism and the impact it has on all people of colour and in this context Black people, particularly women and girls.  I might write about it some day... when I am not so triggered and can focus on solutions rather than my experience.

Wishing you a great 2017 <3

Tamu xx