Blaque Reads Recommends...

Our favey fave book blogger @blaquereadshas very kindly agreed to review and recommend some books for us.  She is half human half Library and has a penchant for books written by authors of colour.  This is the first review/ recommendation of many.  Enjoy!

'The Mothers' by Brit Bennett.

I only really get time to read on my way to and from work, so it generally takes a few back and forths for me to finish a book. Not this one. The Mothers was started on 27th October 2016 and finished on 27th October, yes this is partially due to TFL delays *deepest eye roll* but overwhelmingly due to the phenomenal book I had in my hand (I even read it whilst waiting for a train at Baker st).

To summarise without spoilers, it's a book centred on the goings on of a black congregation in California, there's death, betrayals, love and secret upon secret.

Nothing I say could do this debut justice, sooo buy it and enjoy!

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