Neo Liberalism Killed Honesty

Over the past 48 hours I've read lots of posts talking about the ways in which liberalism/ political correctness has driven hatred deep underground because people are scared to share their views.  Instead, they keep their views private, wear a neutral mask and take it to the polls where they are free to express their beliefs in secret, not be shouted down and/or be accused of having an ism.  Liberalism is described as killing open debate as people fear the accusations that follow their opinions.  I understand that as humans we are generally designed to seek comfort.  However, if you really feel that your views are just, right and represent you wouldn't you speak up?  

I started this blog for black mums (with my awesome friend Leah) because I think we are mis/ under represented.  Some people say it's divisive to have a blog focused on the experience of black mothers.  I say it's divided already, I don't see myself or my family in media aimed at families or in general, which is why the new  John Lewis ad made me emosh.  I could list countless media/social media forums for families where my presence is like the Loch Ness monster, but I won't as it's not helpful.  Instead of moaning I'm sharing and amplifying the voices of black mums, particularly black British mums.

Some say that everyone should be included, I'm not included the majority of the time.  When I do see diversity it's tokenism rather than inclusion.  Despite people wincing when I say I started a blog for black mothers, despite feeling nervous when I tell white people that I have a blog for black mums, as I'm often met with subtle or overt facial expressions saying 'I'm uncomfortable with that', or 'Why don't you want me to have a seat at your table?' I continue because I believe in the need for it (so do the people it resonates with, not all black btw).  Plus I don't have to cater to everyone.  I continue to talk about this online space and its aims as I want feedback and I am interested in different perspectives especially uncomfortable ones as that's where growth and opportunity is.

Everyone doesn't have to like everything, nor should they, that's fake.

I don't think that we share content that is rude or promotes the idea that colour of skin denotes superiority, or evokes a fear of what looks different.  Division based on skin colour is totally flawed, there is only one race of humans regardless of skin tone, accent or belief.  In this space we are saying here we are, we are varied, this is our experience, here are our authentic narratives.  Sometimes our  content is about race and culture sometimes it's about, online dating, people lacking boundaries on social media, raising a trans child, sometimes it's how to make a tasty moussaka.  We share content about what reflects us and try to create talking points... I'm digressing big time, my brain is scrambled after the USA election and reading countless think pieces and 'news' articles...

My point is if you believe in your beliefs when someone opposes or presents a differing point of view why wouldn't you engage in a meaningful discussion?  Why hide it?


Peace and <3