They say Blue Ivy isn't Pretty...


They say Blue Ivy isn’t pretty and I would have to agree, she is not simply pretty she is beautiful.  Her features speak of America’s past, her skin a combination of her Creole, European and African ancestry.  Her hair is reminiscent of the Fulani people, upstanding like a crown looking at God.  Her eyes have seen the landscapes of countries now known as Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea and Sierra Leone, held on Bunce Island survived the middle passage landing in the ‘New World’ broken but intact.  Her aura gleams like the precious minerals of the motherland. Her lips speak of strength, overcoming, persistence, triumph and success.  

She looks like a descendant of Africa and that is exactly what people have a problem with.  She does not conform to a Eurocentric standard of beauty.  The standard that has been promoted as the norm so hard and so long that the vast majority of us have this standard planted so deeply within our subconscious we chat shit about children online.  

In any case why are we so hung up on the prettiness of girls (and women)?  People type think pieces, essays, journals, zines and books on feminism yet we are still here.  We have an abundance of information in the palm of our hands yet we insist on reducing girls and women to how they look.  Fuck that.  What about intelligence, humor, wit, compassion, resourcefulness, kindness… What about human qualities that stand the test of time?  Why should human value be placed on how a little girl (or anyone looks)?  Good looks are not a prerequisite of humanity, Blue Ivy does not owe anyone prettiness, she doesn’t owe anyone anything.

How long are we going to sit back and allow women and girls, particularly Black women and girls to be judged on how Eurocentric their pretty is?  How loose the curl pattern of their hair is and how long it grows?

What are we going to do to stop a woman’s hip / waist ratio being a marker of her femininity?

I would suggest that the people who type mean and hateful comments to a child (to anyone) should read those comments aloud in the mirror as the truth is they are talking to themselves.