I'm not often livid, but right now I am.

My Daughter's father has just sent me a message that was sent to him on Snapchat, of my daughter and her cousin's at a birthday party. Another parent at the party, took a picture/snap whatever! Of my child and her cousins (her child is not in the photo) and posted them to her snapchat, but not satisfied with sufficiently overstepping the mark, she then sent the snap via a private message to my daughter's dad to enquire as to whether or not this was his daughter... What The Actual FUDGE?!!!

I do not know this woman.

She does not know me.

She does not know my daughter.

Other than following him online she does not know my daughter's dad.

She does not know my niece or her mother or father.

But she felt it was ok, to post a photograph taken at a family party of children she does not know and whose parents she does not know, on her social media.

There is so much more that I want to say about this, but I AM LIVID!! And I can not form the words right now. I will follow up when I can see more than red...

I know social media is oxygen at the moment, but as parents surely we ask other parents before posting their children? Especially children who's parents you DO NOT KNOW!