School Shoe Saga


Let me start by saying I have 5 children 17, 14, 14, 7 and 4.  With 4 of them still in school there are a few different stages, issues and drama's to cover...

First of all my 4 year old is going into Reception from Nursery.  As I told her teacher on her first day... When you're 5th in line, crying to stay with me and saying you want to go back home won't work. I'm like 'Bye, love you, see you later!' I know she'll be fine once I've left and the longer I potter around the harder it is for her.  I'll know if she's truly unhappy when I collect her. And she never is. Having said that, when one of the other Teachers I know (which is most of them, I've been going there for 13yrs straight!) said to me 'she's your last one' it hit me and nearly got me emotional and everything. My baby girl is going to school! She's not a baby any more, she's an infant. She now pushes me out the door saying 'Bye mummy!'  I guess the role has reversed.

My "Sevenager" (attitude of a Teenager in a Seven year old's body) has just started Year 3, she's no longer an infant but a junior. When did that happen?? She's in the big children's playground now. I'm not gonna lie though... Even as 4th in line, 'Mummy I don't feel like going to school today' will not work. If you can't give me a good enough reason and you're not sick...'Bye, love you, see you later!'  She actually tried to kick off in the playground the other day... Must be watching the "other" children doing it and their Mums entertaining them - no shade, but when/if they have more they'll learn lol.  The Teacher actually asked me if I want to bring her up to her classroom. What? 3 flights of stairs cos she's trying it??  'Uh-nah, I don't think so'.  By the time she got to the second flight she was smiling, waving out the window... And had clearly checked herself.  She was lucky I was even still there waiting and waving.

My 14 year olds have new school hours this year, so they are happy. They can leave a whole 30 mins later in the morning (really!). 'Go to school and do some work in the library before you start'. It also means they finish later too, so I can't get them to pick up the younger ones for me when I need them to. They've gone into Year 10 now, I have to keep reminding them that it's just as important as Year 11 because it will help determine which level GCSE's they are entered for.

No more coming home and sitting on your phones forever. When they come in they have 5 mins to sign out of everything and then hand them over until further notice...


So back to school for 4 = new school shoes for 4 and bank balance screaming! I popped into TK Maxx with the 4 Year old and Sevenager.  While there my 4 Year old found some school shoes that she 'had' to have. They were £9.99 we had a little battle because I didn't want to get her those, I thought they were too cheap for school, but she was having none of it.  She 'needed' those shoes... I had to check myself. Why am I insisting on buying her £40+ shoes from somewhere like Clarks when she wants these ones... I do still have 3 more pairs of school shoes to buy and she's only gonna come home from school with half a beach worth of sand in them, paint on top of them and play dough stuck to the bottom.  'Ok baby girl, you can have them!'  Won't be a such a big deal to replace them when I need to. (Don't judge lol)

I honestly thought the Sevenager would be the one to give me the most problems when it came to buying school shoes.  She would want heels on them (why they even sell school shoes with heels is beyond me), or anything else not appropriate for school.  But she was cool, showed me some ballet pump style shoes, I said I'd rather they have a strap or buckle as those would loosen up and start flapping off her feet.  She said 'ok' found some with a strap and we were done!! Result!

The 14 Year olds "have" to have Kickers, nothing else will do. I told them to find a plan B just incase, maybe they won't have your size in stock or they might not fit. So... We went to the shop. They didn't have the correct size for one of them and the other ones didn't fit her... Didn't wanna say I told you so. They asked if they could go into JD's and came back saying they have them and they fit. Really?!  So I went back with them, made them try them on again, they said they fit. Cool. I'll take your word for it, you're 14.  But they wear different sizes.  One pair cost £55, done deal.

The second pair cost £80, errmmmm not gonna happen. She said 'can we go to the actual Kickers shop?'  Girl please... I'm not driving all the way to North London from South West London, for them not to fit, or for them to not have the right size or for them to be the same price. We found another shop locally and tried a 40 instead of a 6 (as the pair in JD were a 40). They fit, she just needed an inner sole (she always needs and inner sole) they were £65, we bought them we left.

Monday night everyone tried on everything together. They all looked lovely, smart, tidy, ready... And then I heard...'My shoes are too big...' I don't even know the shade of colour I saw 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY ARE TOO BIG?!' At 14 I expect them to know if their shoes fit or not, I mean come on!  'Make them fit, 1 pair, 2,3,4 pairs of socks I don't care make them fit. Or we can bring them back tomorrow and I will find you a pair of 'plan B' shoes. The girl was close to tears. I didn't give a damn. She had got to be kidding me. I did still need to get her inner soles to be fair but that's not what she was telling me. I heard they were 'too big'. So we put an inner sole in them in the morning, she said they were better but still a bit loose at the back... Do you know what not my problem.

I believe she had to have them so badly that she convinced herself they fit in the shop, but the reality kicked in when she tried them at home. Now I don't know if she said they were better just so I didn't MAKE her change them, but at 14 that's ridiculous. So. Make it work

Not my problem

You'll be lucky if I ever buy you

Kickers again.

KMT and breathe!!

N x