Fruit Picking


With children of all ages (mine range from 4-17) it's hard to find activities that they can all enjoy together. All my children love fruit so we decided to give fruit picking a go. It's free entry and you only pay for what you want to take home!!! It's also a great way to teach them where different fruit and veg come from and what grows in the ground or on trees or bushes. So one day last year we woke up nice and early and gave it a go!!


When we got there we found out that you could either park in the car park or drive through and park along the way at designated spots. We chose to drive through, it's quite a lot to cover all on foot with baskets of fruit in tow.


As we know different fruit is in season at different times of the year, but you can check online what's ready before you go so you have an idea of what's available. Now I must say I was a bit hesitant as none of my children (or myself) are keen on mud and dirt not to mention creepy crawlies! (I have no idea why that get that from...). But to my surprise every one of them was up for it and got stuck right in, digging for potatoes and carrots pulling up broccoli and cabbages. It was great to see.


Now... You're not supposed to eat as your picking, but who can pick super fresh blackberries, strawberries or apples without popping the odd one in your mouth. I mean you have to check that they are ready and ripe don't you?!


We spent most of the morning walking round and picking fruit and veg and even made a game out of who could pick the weirdest shaped ones. We decided we were going to make dinner from whatever we brought home. Which was a great idea... You pick your fresh ingredients go home and cook them, such a great learning experience for children.


Luckily for me mine all love fruit and veg but it's still a great idea and they learn that fruit and veg doesn't come directly from the supermarket. And for those with children who are not so keen, they are much more willing to at least try them because of their involvement in the whole process.


I highly recommend this as a day out. You can go rain or shine - pretty much all year round. Just bare in mind if it's raining you'll need wellies and macs. And if it's been raining then it will still be muddy for a few days after as there is sooooo much soil.

Garsons Farm Winterdown Road Esher KT10 8LS