New Moon Intention Setting 🌝✨


Over the past few months I've been setting New Moon intentions as its a really useful and practical way to achieve goals.  I was introduced to the concept in this way by my friend Tendai who swears by it, she set up a Facebook group which focuses on using the moon's energy (and your own positive energy) to achieve your goals.  She also has a cute social media marketing business called Quest For Success. 

This process has really helped me to get out of a funk, be productive and actively positive. When positivity wanes I refer back to my New Moon intentions to get myself back on track.

The moon has a very nurturing and powerful energy, remember the moon dictates the tides of the sea.  The new moon has a very rich, magnetic energy which is about renewal and helps to super charge your goals if you tap in to its energy.  The New Moon is a great time to be clear and focused about what you want to achieve and how.  I'm am just starting to learn about the moon and it's energy and am very happy with the results, so far it has been VERY helpful.  I have been able to manifest and make changes in areas I've been stuck in for years.  It all sounds very new age and I know some people are not comfortable with this or think it's nonsense, but if it will bring about positive changes and enhance your life why not give it a go!

The next new moon is on 2nd August 2016 at 21:44 BST.  The intentions are more powerful when they are set within 24 hrs of the new moon.  As the next new moon is at 21:44 I'm going to do mine at the time the new Moon appears.


This is how I set my intentions, you can adapt to suit yourself (that's what I have done) or you can use his guide from Moonology.

1) Write a SMALL list of what you want to achieve.  Last month I set 10 intentions I think that was too much so this month I'm doing 5.  In June I had about 5 intentions and they all came to fruition or began to.   I have a big goal and smaller goals that will lead to it.

2) A few days before the new moon think about what you want to achieve over the next month.  Think about some small goals, some that really challenge you, not just surface stuff like going to the gym.   Try something that challenges you emotionally and takes you out of your comfort zone like facing a fear, learning something new or something that will help you grow as a person.    Set some intentions to assist you in reaching a big goal, but don't overwhelm yourself you cannot do everything at once also too many goals in one new moon is likely to be distracting.  The aim is to be productive and operate with intention not being busy, busy is just a distraction.  Here is an interesting view on the art of busyness.

3) Write about your goals and how you intend to achieve them.  It does not need to be neat and don't make it long, just get them down, and think about them.  If there are loads focus on what you want to achieve the most.

4) During the new moon write your intentions neatly in a notebook specifically for new moon intentions.  I like to burn a candle or incense whilst I do it to create a calming almost meditative vibe.


5) As you write each intention and how you will achieve it read it out loud and end with an affirmation.


Intention: To be healthy emotionally and physically.

How: I will exercise 3 times a week and get off the bus 1 stop early so I walk a few minutes. I will take notice of my feelings and communicate any negative feelings positively focusing on a solution rather than moaning.

Affirmation: I have good physical and emotional health.

Intention: To earn 25% more than I did last year this time.

How: I will attend networking events; send my CV to new clients. I will send a mail to my mailing list. I will post a webinar on LinkedIn. I will give a special offer to previous clients and start a referral system.

Affirmation: I create opportunities to increase my earning power consistently. I am earning 25% more than I did this time last year.

I follow this with a relaxing bath. Last month I bathed with my Rose Quartz... It was a totally love filled experience.

#Majorkey you must do the 'how' or there is no point.  You cannot just intend with no action.

If you give it a try comment below to let us know how you get on.

Read about he August new moon here.

Sending love in abundance  πŸ’œ