#WCW - Lorraine Pascale

Lorraine Pascale has had a portfolio of careers but is best known for her culinary skills which she has shared in books (selling around a million in the UK alone) and on her #BBC television series 'Baking made easy', 'Home cooking made easy' and 'Fast fresh and Easy'. I am actually excited about writing this post as mini me and I have had so many great baking days with recipes from Lorraine's books and at the tender age of 8 she was adjusting parts to perfect her own version of the recipes. All whilst presenting to my iPhone #REPRESENTATIONMATTERS! Lorraine had her own bakery in #London's famous Covent Garden initially named Ella's bakehouse after her daughter.

Lorraine has been a judge on other food TV shows and is a regular on daytime TV.

Currently we are lusting over and inspired by her fitness journey and holistic lifestyle #goals.

Prior to cooking Lorraine was a model, in her prime she was in the ubiquitous #SportsIllustrated swimwear edition (post baby) and was modelling alongside other greats such as @iamnaomicampbell and #katemoss.

Lorraine's early years were not straight forward she was born in #Hackney, East London and adopted adopted by a White couple. The adoption broke down when Lorraine's parents split up when she was around 7 and she was placed in foster care for approximately 1 year before being reunited with her adoptive mother. She was fortunate to receive a scholarship from #ButtleUK (I got a grant from them when I was at uni!! ☺️☺️ they are an awesome charity) and went to boarding school in Devon aged 11. We'd love to talk to Lorraine about her experience in a transracial adoptive family and then going to a boarding school in Devon as such a young age.

I could literally go on an on about this woman she is so awesome... Maybe one day we'll have a sit down chat (#manifesting) and feature her on our blog which is coming soon!! Lorraine thank you for making rainy days fun and tasty, for inspiring my little brown chef and being such a shining representation of #blackmummagic #womanhood and just down right great human being vibes! #motherhoodreconstructed