#WCW - Shola Ama

@sholaama UK RnB songstress that owned the late 90's with her sensuous tone and soulful music, then mashed up the dancefloor with some dope house n garage bangers in the early noughties shelling down nights like Twice as Nice, Coliseum, Sun City (can you tell that we were noughties ravers?!?). Shola's house n garage jaunts are a regular on my kitchen rave playlist, even mini me knows the words!! Shola has won many awards including Brit awards (@brits) she was best British female in 1998. Her debut album 'Much Love' sold millions. Sadly Shola's chart success was curtailed by addiction, which is something she has spoken publicly about. Shola managed to kick her addictions, found love and created a beautiful son. She keeps herself in good form using #healingcrystals and studying #Spirituality. This takes real strength and courage to recover from addiction especially when it took place under the public gaze. We are glad that she found her own way to overcome this. Life is not perfect but you can change it... If you want to.

Shola's musical talent was discovered whilst she was singing outside a tube station when she was the tender age of 15. Being that successful so young made her vulnerable, thankfully she progressed through and continues to make beautiful music on her own terms.

Shola's continues to write and perform her music independently working with a wide range of talented musicians. She is a regular at festivals and live events. She manages all this whilst parenting an adolescent son 😳! Did someone say #girlpower!?! 💪🏽💁🏽 motherhood_rx#blackgirlmagic #melaninmagic #carefreeblackgirl #mixedfamily #sholaama #ukrnb #blackmummagic #motherjood_rx #inspo #motherhood #parenting #mumboss #songwriter #UK